Character Restore Query

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Character Restore Query

Postby iSylver » Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:04 am

Instead of using the stored procedure which quite frankly bugs alot feel free to run this snippet in QA.

Code: Select all
   insert gameuser select [strUserId], [sClass], [sLevel], [iExp], [iMaxExp], [iSTR], [iSTRInc], [iDEX], [iDEXInc], [iINT], [iINTInc], [iCHA], [iCHAInc], [iWIS], [iWISInc], [iCON], [iCONInc], [sStartStr], [sStartDex], [sStartInt], [sStartCha], [sStartWis], [sStartCon], [sHP], [sMAXHP], [sMP], [sMAXMP], [sSTM], [sMAXSTM], [sWGT], [sMAXWGT], [iStatus], [sAge], [iPlayCount], [iMoral], [sGender], [sHair], [sHairMode], [sSkin], [sGroup], [sGroupReq], [sFAME], [sMageType], [iMoney], [iBank], [sRank], [sLZ], [sLX], [sLY], [iClassWarTime], [iClassPoint], [iTotClassPoint], [iSwordEXP], [iSpearEXP], [iBowEXP], [iAxeEXP], [iKnuckleEXP], [iStaffEXP], [iWeaponMakeEXP], [iArmorMakeEXP], [iAccMakeEXP], [iPotionMakeEXP], [iCookingEXP], [iWMagicEXP], [iBMagicEXP], [iDMagicEXP], [iMoralCount], [iGrayCount], [iEventCount], [sPartyDeny], [sMsgRecv], [sAllChatRecv], [strMsgUserId1], [strMsgUserId2], [strMsgUserId3], [strMsgUserId4], [strMsgUserId5], [HaveMagic], [HaveEvent], [UserStatus] from del_gameuser where strUserId = 'charname'

   insert useritem select [strUserId], [Belt00], [Belt01], [Belt02], [Belt03], [Item00], [Item01], [Item02], [Item03], [Item04], [Item05], [Item06], [Item07], [Item08], [Item09], [Item10], [Item11], [Item12], [Item13], [Item14], [Item15], [Item16], [Item17], [Item18], [Item19], [Item20], [Item21], [Item22], [Item23], [Item24], [Item25], [Item26], [Item27], [Item28], [Item29], [Item30], [Item31], [Item32], [Item33], [Item34], [Item35], [Item36], [Item37], [Item38], [Item39], [Item40], [Item41], [Item42], [Item43], [Item44], [Item45], [Item46], [Item47], [Item48], [Item49] from del_useritem where strUserId = 'charname'

   insert storage_01 select [strUserId], [sType], [Item00], [Item01], [Item02], [Item03], [Item04], [Item05], [Item06], [Item07], [Item08], [Item09], [Item10], [Item11], [Item12], [Item13], [Item14], [Item15], [Item16], [Item17], [Item18], [Item19], [Item20], [Item21], [Item22], [Item23], [Item24], [Item25], [Item26], [Item27], [Item28], [Item29], [Item30], [Item31], [Item32], [Item33], [Item34], [Item35], [Item36], [Item37], [Item38], [Item39], [Item40], [Item41], [Item42], [Item43], [Item44], [Item45], [Item46], [Item47], [Item48], [Item49], [Item50], [Item51], [Item52], [Item53], [Item54], [Item55], [Item56], [Item57], [Item58], [Item59], [Item60], [Item61], [Item62], [Item63], [Item64], [Item65], [Item66], [Item67], [Item68], [Item69], [Item70], [Item71], [Item72], [Item73], [Item74], [Item75], [Item76], [Item77], [Item78], [Item79] from del_storage_01 where strUserId = 'charname'

   delete from del_gameuser where strUserId = 'charname'

   delete from del_useritem where strUserId = 'charname'

   delete from del_storage_01 where strUserId = 'charname'

Obviously replacing the 'charname' with the name of character to be restored when query is ran enter the character back into the Chars table ensuring you match it up with the correct account (list of last 3 deleted characters shown in table)

* QA = Query Analyzer

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