Monster & Monsterset Guide

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Monster & Monsterset Guide

Postby iSylver » Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:52 am

Written by Miser on Pirate Server Forum (Sep 17 2006)

I realise that there are already guides on this subject, but I felt that rather than bumping year-old threads and simply adding to the existing guides, that it'd be more helpful to write one myself. It's kinda late at the time of writing, so forgive any typos.

Note that when I say 'monster', in most cases it can also be 'NPC'.

Monster Table
Code: Select all
A unique ID value for your monster.

The image the monster will use.

0 for an NPC
1 for a monster.

0 for a normal monster/NPC.
1 gives the monster infinite HP and makes red numbers appear over its head. Used for arena dummies.
2 is used for the guild stone in GVWs.
3 is used for the stone guards at GVWs. It makes the monster aggressive towards devil moral players and, if the GVW is on, to players not in the defending guild. For this, sClass must be set correctly.

Determines the minimum damage a monster will inflict, regardless of the defender's defence.

0 for a human monster, 10 for a devil monster. This controls whether or not you can read an NPC's text. If you're human and the sClass is 10, then you cannot read the NPC's text or click it.
Likewise, for sTypeAI = 2 or 3, this determines what GVW this spawn is for.

Your monster/NPC's name.

This determines the pattern of blood.
0~3 is for red blood patterns, while
4~7 is for green.

What level your monster is.

The experience points given from the monster.

The monster's strength.

The monster's attack power.
Overall attack power is equal to sStr + sWStr.

The monster's defensive attribute.
Overall defence is equal to sStr + sAStr.

Your monster's offensive dex (accuracy).

Your monster's defensive dex (evasion rate).

The amount of int the monster has.

The monster's charisma.

The amount of MP your monster recovers each time it regens.

The amount of HP your monster recovers each time it regens.

sStr, sIntel, sCharm and dex values influence how much of these stats is gained from hunting the monster, not the sWStr or sAStr.

The monster's HP. NB: This must be less than the 32766 limit or your mobs will revive with death-like animations and will become unpredictable.

The monster's MP.

This does absolutely nothing.
Default is 0.

The amount of moral points the monster will give to the player that killed it.

Whether the monster is passive or aggressive.
0 = passive.
1 = aggressive.

For monsters with ranged melee attacks. I'm not quite sure what this influences.
Apus has 2, all Akah, Archis, Murking, Ancient Akah, Akah Hunter and Apus Pride Queen have 3, and Millenia Apai and Millenia Apus have 4. Still a bit of a mystery to me.

This, also, is somewhat of a mystery. 0 is the default, while some strong devil monsters have this set to 1.

Interesting to note that all monsters that have a value in this field also have can_find_enemy set to 1. Only EDW, Berserk Boar, Devil Lizardman and WBM have this value set to anything other than 0.

have_item_num and haved_item
The only monster with these values set to anything other than 0 is the Abyss Guard. For him, both of these values are set to 315. Incase it's relevant, 315 in the basicitem table is a sapphire.

have_magic_num and haved_magic
Again, the only monster with any other value than -1, is the Abyss Guard. For him, both have_magic_num and haved_magic are 1.

have_skill_num and haved_skill
Unsure of this value also. Abyss Guard has these both set at 1, while Boar Chieftain and Needle Spider have these set to 13. In the Special_Attack table, 1 is HP Regen (2nd sword) while 13 is Speed Up (4th axe). I can't see a connection there.

How close you have to be for the monster to see you. If it is aggressive or you have already attacked it, if you are within this range, the monster will come to attack you.

How many steps are taken when walking.

How quickly the monster can travel.

The length of time before the monster will move again. This also accounts for how slow a monster may seem to react to being attacked.

Blue magic attack power.

White magic attack power.

Black magic attack power.

I think this is the percentage of times that it will attempt to use a ranged magic attack if you are within distance of sDistance, but not a melee attack.

Unsure. This is usually 30.

This tells the monster whether it will focus on attacking one player or whether it will attack everyone.
0 = normal; will attack everyone it is aggressive against.
1 = will focus on attacking a single player unless forced to change target. This also means that it can be tanked for melee chars.

The percentage of the time it will drop money when killed.

sMid from the magic table.

Percentage of the time it will use this magic.

sMid from the magic table.

Percentage of the time it will use this magic.

sMid from the magic table.

Percentage of the time it will use this magic.

How close the monster will come before it starts to attack you. For instance, Wraiths, when called over, will stand two spaces away from you to attack.

Monsterset Table
Edit Tiffany:
Code: Select all
1-9999      Normal spawns
10000-19999     Humans have conti
20000-29999     Devils Have conti
30000> should never have any spawns

Code: Select all
A unique ID for the spawn.

The zone number it will spawn in. Here are some of the main ones.
1 - TYT
2 - D1
3 - D2
4 - Merc
5 - Abias
6 - D3
7 - D4
8 - Human GV room
9 - Pandemonium
10 - Chandalir's Room
11 - Infernal Caves
12 - Valley of Death
13 - Devil GV room
35 - Devil Abyss
36 - Human Abyss

sMinX, sMinY, sMaxX, sMaxY
The monster will spawn within the square area defined by the min and max coordinates.

How many are allowed to spawn at one time.

The sSid in the monster table of the monster to spawn.

Under what conditions the monster spawns.
0 = timed spawn. sRegenTime determines the amount of seconds before the next one will spawn.
1 = forced spawn. Set sRegenTime to 0 if you do not want 1p1 to automatically spawn it.
2 = soma time. Set sRegenTime to the soma day time you want the monster to spawn at.

Either -1 or 1. It seems that only monsters in D4 have any value other than -1.

Group together monster spawns with this. Set them to spawn at the same time and at the same coordinates, and make them share the same sGroup value, and they will all spawn together.

-1 is default.
1 = monster is a member of the defending human guild at GVW.
2 = Same as 1, but for the Dsoma GVW.

-1 is default.
1 = used to display the guild logo (this is only used on the guild stone at the front of the GV).
2 = if on the stone at the end of GVW, this monster will win the GVW for the defending guild (guild stone).
3 = a monster that will only attack devil moral players and members of attacking guilds at GVW (stone guards).
4 = a monster that spawns at the start of GVW (the walls at the GV entrance).

sChat01, sChat02, sChat03
The sCid (found in npcchat) of the chat you want your monster/NPC to say. -1 for no chat.

The maximum amount of items the monster can drop. This does not include barr.

sItem01 through sItem15
sNum of basicitem - the ID of an item the monster will drop. 1p1 processes these in order, so if the sMaxItemNum has been reached at sItem05, then sItem06 through sItem15 will be ignored.

sItem01Rand through sItem15Rand
The higher this number, the more likely its corresponding sItem item will drop. I think something around 20000 is 100%.

Upon your NPC being clicked or your monster being killed, this event number will be run from the map's corresponding EVT file.

0 = one pile.
1 = multiple piles.

The lower boundary for the money it will drop. ****

The upper boundary for money the monster will drop. ****
Edit Tiffany: **** Be very careful with these values with regards to all the guards as they use this value hardcoded into the 1p1 to be able to return to thier position after chasing a pk'er.

A few of the fields listed above don't really have any documentation that I've found around the Soma section, so I hope this's been of some use to someone.
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Reason: Edited the comment on Monster MaxHP

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Re: Monster & Monsterset Guide

Postby Jeager » Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:47 pm

Ok i need help here what's the name of Dummy in Merc town ?
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Re: Monster & Monsterset Guide

Postby RauBan » Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:43 pm

isen't all noname npcs starting with a _ or w/e it is.. just query monsterset via coords?
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Re: Monster & Monsterset Guide

Postby Finito » Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:11 am

RauBan wrote:isen't all noname npcs starting with a _ or w/e it is.. just query monsterset via coords?

Yes, Its a !
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Re: Monster & Monsterset Guide

Postby unvmeh » Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:41 pm

I had this in the everything in one place thread b4 u made this ! ! !
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Re: Monster & Monsterset Guide

Postby Jeager » Thu Jan 22, 2009 6:44 pm

Ok i stuck on addind on Monsterset :( when i choose(In monsterset) sSid like 30515 and i try to open 1p1 i get error Failed Monster(monsterset => 30515) what i'm doing wrong ?
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Re: Monster & Monsterset Guide

Postby iSylver » Thu Jan 22, 2009 6:48 pm

30000> should never have any spawns

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Re: Monster & Monsterset Guide

Postby Jeager » Thu Jan 22, 2009 6:53 pm

ok changed to sSid9999 but same ?
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Re: Monster & Monsterset Guide

Postby Tiffany » Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:25 pm

Jeager,January 22, 2009 06:37 pm wrote: ok i error when try to add new mob

Code: Select all

3515   1   100   100   100   100   100   500   0   5   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   -1   0   1   5

4215   500   1   0   9   0   Mob   1   60   4374   42   159   19   100   100   45   66   39   10   1829   0   0   3   1   3   0   0   0   -1   0   -1   0   -1   6   5   1800   4000   5000   0   0   0   70   30   0   50   -1   0   -1   0   -1   0   1

When i open 1p1 i get this Fail No monster(monsterset =>3515) what's wrong here ?

sTableNum should be 4215 not 500
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Re: Monster & Monsterset Guide

Postby Slither » Thu Jan 29, 2009 7:12 pm

Brings back memories.
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