Gamemaster Commands

General assistance and guidelines for editing the server side of Soma.

Gamemaster Commands

Postby iSylver » Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:54 am

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// Non Gamemaster

save - saves your char
pos <name> - shows another characters POS (Point of Soul)


// Gamemaster (Guild Related)

nocapguild - Stops monitoring guild chat
capguild <guildname> - Monitors guild chat
allnocapture - Stops all monitoring
nocapture - Stops PM monitoring
capture <name> - Monitors PMs


// Gamemaster (Server Related)

time - changes the time (think its like /time 0 0 0 0)
shutdown - shuts down the server.
rain - Rain 1 = Rain / Rain 0 = No Rain


// Gamemaster (General)

appear - Makes your character visible to all other players
hidden - Makes your character invisible to all other players.
CJ - Unknown
kickout - boots player from server
openbbs <number> - opens bbs according to entered number
ment - Changes topic of SOMA TV?
offair - Removes SOMA TV Box
onair - Shows SOMA TV Box
police <name> - Remove chat ability
sattack - Brings up some numbers at the top of the screen.
zmonster - <1 - 21> <mobname> Moves you to a mob in a specific zone.
monster <monstername> - moves you to the mob/NPC even if you are in a different zone
revivemon - Revives a monster into the area?
recallmon <amount> <mobnanme> - recalls mobs to you. (Only mobs in same zone)
recall <playername> - Recalls a player too you.
trace <playername> - Moves you to thats player.
startcontribution - Unknown
endcontribution - Unknown
contribution - Unknown
wait - Unknown
notify <your message here> - scrolling message displayed to all online users
notice <your message here> - message to all online users
vieweventnumber - Unknown
addeventnumber - Unknown
deleteeventnumber - Unknown
reseteventnumber - Unknown
reloadevent - Does the same as the button on 1p1
classend - Ends War Of The Worlds
classstart - Starts War Of The Worlds
townend - Ends Guild Village War, 1 for human, 2 for devil
townstart - Starts Guild Village War, 1 for human, 2 for devil
zmove <zoneid> <xcoords> <ycoords> - moves you to a different zone to specified coords
move <xcoords> <ycoords> - moves you to specified coords
vieweventbook - Unknown
seteventbook - Unknown
pkmode - 0 = no pk server 1 = pk server
canpk - enables pk mode (wont work for under lvl 15) for your char
cannotpk - turns off pk mode for your char
hp <1-30000> - restores your hp
plus - Adds POS (Point of Soul) to your character
open - Opens the POS Shop from Continental Army map
zonecount - Show how many users are on zones 1 - 13
usercount - Shows how many users are online.
auction - 1 = Turn bidding on 0 = No bidding

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