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Test server changes

PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2012 2:16 pm
by ghostlord
New Somadev client mirror: ... llFull.exe

Over the years Somadev has had some changes and they've been all over these forums. So I decided to make one sticky where we can just link to whereever needed without making double or misplaced threads.

To start off, some of the older stuff:
iSylver wrote:The way con works is changing!

Due to this current hp, weight, mp and stamina calculations will be altering too.

Your character may lose or gain hp slightly but it will happen to every player and work in the "bigger" picture

Key points to mention

    Intelligence will not penalise HP as much

    You will be able to "mix" levels without downfalls on HP

    Most importantly you'll be able to gain con at any time and still be able to catch up those who did it early.

    The number provided would be rounded up or down at level

    DSoma has the same calculations but a different formula behind it.

Sacred Stone Event: ... cred_Stone
iSylver wrote:This is an optional patch that is needed for the sacred stone Alpha test functionality.

If your having issues running this patch just extract this to your soma folder. ...

Boss change
iSylver wrote:Something lacking from the currently soma database is a flag to indicate whether something is a boss (stupid I know).

What I propose is the addition of this which could be used for:

a) Addition to boss feed on website
b) Having more likelihood of getting intense,epic,rare,hardened weps from those tagged as "isBoss"

Pos gain change:
ghostlord wrote:Today there has been a change in the minumum and maximum pos lossed and gained. Now 50 pos is the minimum lossed and gained and 500 is the maximum.

I hope this encourages more humans to come to the WoW.

New content:
-E weapons
Perfect Defence (2nd axe) is now 10% of your STR (for hsoma) or CON (for dsoma) in defence instead of a steady number.
Master Multiple Attack (5th sword) is now 120% of damage instead of 150%
New boss: Enraged Shironim
New boss: Alpha Elite Devil Warrior
Boss change: Gate Keeper (HSoma only)

Minor changes:
- Hwan warp warps you to outside Hwan Castle now

Real server database under construction!
Yesterday Sylver (25-08-2012) started work on a new DB meant to be the follow-up for the Somadev Test Server - Blades of Heaven (BoH). This database will further on be mentioned at the 'Content Database'.
Follow the progress here!
See what ideas we have and add more here!

Please NOTE: Even though work has started on this Content Database this doesn't mean there will be an ETA soon. At this point a test server wipe is still very unlikely. The BoH PvP server will will be an alternative to the BoH test server before the Content Database is ready.

Enjoy people.

Re: Test server changes

PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:02 pm
by ghostlord
Sacred Stone
Sacred Stone is now planned in on the first of the month and every 6 days after. Fully automated.