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Postby ha7013 » Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:12 pm

Can someone please post a link to the latest change log. I can only find a very out dated one even though isylver is constantly saying he is updating it. Many thanks
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Re: Change Log

Postby ManCheck » Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:20 pm

iSylver wrote:Change log so far
- Staff ma increased throughout.
- Elixers removed from terrasque and replaced with plate armor.
- Fixed a jQuery issue on the website.

- Implemented forum into website.
- Added HW and UHW to pos shop
- Removed Vexher
- Removed Kidarhan
- Craft delay is now 1 second.

- Started working on an inbuilt forum for main site.
- Fixed a bug on login
- Removed coloured shout scrolls from conti mobs this was a major culprit of economy downfall.

- Added a north gate to Mercenary Town.
- Removed slither NPCs in devil soma guild village hall.

- Fixed player moving to target when shift is being held.
- [Server]There is a craft delay of 1.5 seconds and a chance for tagged items.
- [Client]Crafting keeps materials and produce can be held down for continuous crafting.
- Fixed being able to send party request to a dead player.

- Fixed an issue with news comments and gravatars.
- Deleted hsoma lottery and alt gem dedicated spawns.
- Changed all the items that used special item table to use base counterparts (should see these items in armory)

- Fixed taking screenshot crashing the client.
- [Client]Fixed rested exp variables not being reset when go back to character selection.

- Fixed sagonari quest to give base weapons instead of the non existant S tags
- Updated sand crawler to be a more viable alternate to forest troll/devil warrior.
- Updated xenomorph to be viable alternate to palus/lb and increased every spawn by 30%.
- Increased Valk spawn by 40%.
- Massively lowered the silly scale raptor dedicated spawn and increased the spawns of others.
- Updated Giant Spider to give better stats for its level
- Updated psyscho troll to be better for hunting similar to its alternates
- Conti Altered Beast iMaxExp changed from 1800 to 1300.
- Hwan Altered Beast iMaxExp changed from 1300 to 1100.
- Tarkilhi Paladin iMaxExp changed from 1500 to 1300 and sDex_Df from 83 to 64.
- Gargoyle Fighter iMaxExp changed from 1900 to 1500.
- Conti Minotaur iMaxExp changed from 1600 to 1300.

- Fixed light range and drawing of night for higher than 800x600 resolution.
- Fixed sounds playing at maximum volume when volume is not at max.

- Added server rate for Moral exp. No longer stuck with only 1x moral rate.
- Fixed items on map floor disappearing early on right screen edge (> 800x600 resolution).

- Experience mouse over text changed to include rested experience and to 2 decimal places.

- Blue Exp Bar added to Human and Devil Soma Main and Small Main UI.

- Forgot password: No longer sent as plain text now you must reset it via an email and code.
- Implemented the server side of Rested Exp.

- Updated web views for security namely account page.
- Players may make their equipment private by logging in and visiting their armory profile.

- Passwords will no longer be stored plain-text in database.

- Client extension now has patches for specific versions of gdi32.dll to fix multi-monitor lag.
- Fixed UI offsets for SmallMain, Dead, Human's/Devil's World text for higher than 800x600 resolution.

- Spiked beast and bone golem stats improved to make conti a little more viable for humans.
- Upped the attack for first tier auras from 3 to 5 (small change but every little helps).
- Added plate,golden,blood,dark,shadow back into mobs that drop the p tags normally (seems to be quite a bit of dungeon mobs)
- Added base weapons to replace a tags etc
- Halved the range of G Birds.
- Added isBoss to various bosses this increases likelihood of dynamic weapons and armour also flags it on player feed.

- Removed war beast spawn from wraith in VoD

- Added new Skin for Invulnerability armor.
- Added drops for male and female invuln to t18 guards

- Added item_log database table and redirecting item logs into that table with extra data.
- Will be able to use it to keep track of rare items.
- Can set logItem field in basicitem table to force logging of the item.
- Upgraded Items, >= Epic tagged gear, and money piles >= 100,000 are always logged.

- HSoma Sword Gains changed to 100/100 from 90/90.
- DSoma Axe Gains changed to 150/50/90 from 150/50/80.
- Dsoma Sword Gains changed to 100/100/90 from 150/100/80.

- Fixed Stat increase issue where weapon percentage applied to stat increase value would result in value that should be
lower than 1 but value was being forced to 1. The value was then multiplied by stat rate therefore
giving a much bigger gain than it should have.
- A side effect of this was int and wis would increase for non-mage devil soma characters at a increased rate the same also applies to str,dex,con for mage devil soma characters.
- Also fixes database table stat caps where value is 0 it will now use the 0 value instead of forcing to 1.

- Gazer and Elder Gazer spawn increased
- Rapid Casting is now "Mages Contrivance" + 6% evasion when casted
- Improved durability of mage armours throughout (especially hats)

- Increased sMaxHP of Arena Dummies from 1,995 to 30,000

- WBM are now distance one
- Increased shield defense by 30%
- Increased dsoma shield strength requirements by 30%
- Added go between mob for AB and WBM (KL) Can be found if devils own conti.
- Small collection quest added for dsoma to introduce these

- Fixed a few typo bugs
- Added legendary items
- Tweaked pos rewards prices to better reflect the game
- Added Blue and Red shout scrolls to pos shops
- Added collection quests
- Removed the missing items from fortune pouches (a tags etc)

- Tweaked pitbosses to spawn less
- Added Onzu a reward npc for hsoma for collecting souls

- Removed all variable item drops of tagged weapons that dont exist and replaced them with the base counterparts

- Altered Drazil and Elite Lizardman to give better stats for its range. (Make conti more needed)

- Added untagged bone to EDW
- Made EDW stronger

- Stopped all abyss monsters from spawning

- All weapons/armour/access have had 20% added onto there requirements to space out the game further
- Made conti spells have higher requirements and also tweaked fire storm and chain lightning to be stronger than frost wind
- Added a go between mob for Lich Lord and nightmare
- Created a new nightmare set skin for both genders.
- Added nightmare boots to the game new mob drops these and gender specific nightmare hats
- Stopped abyss guard from spawning

- Added 2 further bosses and drop files
- Hero requires 90 str or 90 int.

- Added 2 new pit bosses with soul drops eventually need to add one for each map

- Removed Auction NPCs. The Auction needs a lot of work to get into a decent state.
Not worth putting in the time to do so until a later time such as a patch when the server
is already up and running.

- Reduced all barr drops for mobs that drop over 200 barr by 20%.
- Reduced major culprit barr mobs such as AB or GF
- Tweaked dsoma start monsters that didnt drop barr.
- Removed 115 unused monsters

- Modified Dragon`s Pills and Keen Eye to add 3% then 2% for every upgrade afterwards.

- Client extension created.
- Different item name colours for hardened, rare, epic, and intense.
- Currently only on Inventory window and items on ground.
- Screenshots saved as PNG into a Screenshots folder.

- Created new dsoma guard skin and changed all current dsoma guards to it.
- Skin added to client install on server

- Created new hsoma guard skin and changed all current hsoma guards to it.
- Skin added to client install on server

- Modified client to add the value of the weapon speed to item tooltips.
It now looks like this "Speed : A (800)" with the exact speed value within the brackets.

- Added two new AI types.
- Class specific: This ai will attack the opposing class for example we can have a monster
that only attacks hsoma (perfect if we had a shared map).
The value for monster sTypeAI is 4.
- NPC specific: This ai type attacks only aggressive npcs (perfect to prevent mob luring into town).
The value for monster sTypeAI is 5.
- If a NPC with this AI type hits another NPC then it will prevent that NPC from dropping money
or items.

- Added Gem Trader a trader exchange that will allow mass trade special gems.

- Added Gem Trader a trader exchange that will allow mass trade alternate gems.

- Added food to the devil soma food shop.
- Beef Jerky and Meat Dish. (Scripts/DsomaFoodShop.sql)

- Tweaked hero values to a more acceptable range.
- Updated toe/keen eye/Swift Spirit/Eva rate in tb_upgrade.
- Changes auras such as Dodge to 8% and tweaked other auras such as speed up axe to be slower.
- Updated all F speed weapons to be at least E.
- sDur column in BasicItem can now act as stack limit for non-equipment items.
- Demon Water, Heaven Water, Forest Water, Demon Water, White serum, and Blue serum changed to
maximum of 10 in a stack.
- Tweaked res scrolls to use one slot per scroll.

2012-12-08 - Added isDemon column to BASICITEM table.
- New Lua scripts and functions for loading the isDemon flag for items and checking if item is demon.
- Removed all tag weapons from basicitem and monsterset references (exlcuding m tags)
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Re: Change Log

Postby ha7013 » Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:32 pm

good stuff. have you got a link to the post ?
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Re: Change Log

Postby ManCheck » Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:52 pm

It's in iSylver first post where he announced the new server. Look for spoiler change log.
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