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Dsoma anvil

Postby jenny » Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:48 am

As most no dsoma has as good as died.Just wonding if the team would do this for us dev's,my hubby made all this on my old server and went down extreamly well, devs allso collected swift 's but i did it on a gauranteed upgrade so s's was a rare you may take time, and perfect but for the 10 mins it took my hubby to do created alot of fun and acctraction, not to say made it fair, allso would you consider all devs learning heal? lvls 1 to 4 allso hubby was lazy and devs learned 4 i think but purly for look's, my last ask is can you make it so devs can learn 2 classes, both 200 skill with all aura's i wont even ask about arm/eva upgrades but if you realy want an interesting server some of these proven and tested idears have worked, hope a few back this, would be good to see some or all of these in the new server, have a lovely day all :) Bring back the devils
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Re: Dsoma anvil

Postby robot123 » Fri Mar 29, 2013 4:00 pm

Bad idea imo

giving Devs heal further makes mages redundent

I would not be to against upgrades but all Dsoma items would have to be heavily NERFED and I would not include Eva or Acc upgrades as Dev stats are to high and these would make to big of a impact as they are % based to maintain a balance
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Re: Dsoma anvil

Postby DazTheMe » Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:37 pm

The thing is with Hsoma on the test server, Weapon speed and dex figures are highly unrealistic, this has already been solved for the real server, so for devils, it goes back to the classic 1 wep with big stats, and thats all we'll need.

I don't think devils need upgrades, However, due to the lack of upgrades I feel they need a massive overhaul on accessories, even class specific accessories, or even accessories that give you minus stats in aid of a greater gain in another stat rather than the traditional 5str/dex/int DF. For instance, accessories could have -4 con +4str +2 dex, if you want to stack these on all 4 corners for the 16 str and 8 dex than you're gonna have to sacrifice massively in defence.

This way you could gear you character towards your specific preferences.
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