Finding the right .spl

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Finding the right .spl

Postby Tiffany » Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:37 am

Originated by Miser

Ok, the first thing that I have learnt to do before you start anything is to MAKE A BACK UP FILE!! So just incase something does happen to go wrong, you can always start anew. To make a back up file, right click the Man file, and click copy, then paste onto your desktop. That is your back up file (if you can't find the Man file, just go to Start>Run>C:\Soma>Man ).

Now, then end 2 digits on the Man/Armour files tell you what kind of file it is. Here is a list to tell you what's what:
00 Attack Mode Stance
01 Hold a 2 handed weapon
04 Walk around
05 Walk with a 2 handed weapon
06 Shoot from a Crossbow
07 Punch
08 Attack with a 1 handed weapon
09 Attack with a 2 handed weapon
10 Attack with a spear
11 Attack with a bow
13 Get hit
14 Non harmful magic cast (heal, out of range, etc)
15 Death
16 Running around
18 Peacemode Stance[/b]

(x = any number) Man files are Manxxxxx, MANxxxxx or manxxxxx.
Whether the file is Man, MAN or man, does not change anything; they are just there to help sort out what is what.

Monster files all end with 00, 04, 07, 13 and 15 - i.e. Man13800, Man13804, Man13807, Man13813 and Man13815 (that example is for Brics).

There are 2 types of file to each Manxxxxx, an Animated Cursor file (gives the monster/NPC their sense of direction), and the Shockwave file (the actual animation). So if you only wish to change the Monster's appearance, only rename the Shockwave files, but if you want to make them walk straight, change the Animated Cursor file.

To change a monster into a monster, simply rename the Manxxx00 with the other Manxxx00, the Manxxx04 with the other Manxxx04, etc.
Monsters only have 00, 04, 07, 13 and 15 files because they only stand still, walk, hit stuff, get hit and die.

Now for the file names.
Each file starts with either Man, MAN or man in the folder Man in C:\Soma.
Insert these numbers into Manxxx00, Manxxx04, Manxxx07, Manxxx13 and Manxxx15.
000 White Man
001 Tanned Man
002 Black Man
003 White Woman
004 Tanned Woman
005 Black Woman
006 Devil Man (Red)
007 Devil Man (Green)
008 Devil Woman (Red)
009 Devil Woman (Green)
010 Hyena
011 Dire Wolf
012 Savannah Tiger
013 Red Mummy
014 Ghoul (Pink)
015 White Tiger
016 Stige
017 Werewolf
018 Orcish Infantry
019 Orcish Avenger
020 Zombie
021 Lich
022 Orcish Cheiftain
023 Giant Spider
024 Swamp Beast
030 Elder Druid
031 TYT NPC (Gukseo)
032 TYT NPC (Flute Master)
033 TYT NPC (Yuhwa)
034 TYT NPC (Keohe)
035 TYT NPC (Blacksmith)
036 TYT NPC (Magic Trainer)
037 TYT NPC (Auction Manager)
038 TYT/Merc NPC (Warehouse Keeper/Jongdol)
039 TYT NPC (Drifting Vendor)
040 TYT NPC (Muhyun)
041 TYT/Merc/Abias Guard
042 TYT NPC (Head of Town)
043 Black Leocrot
044 Spider Whelp
045 Golden Leocrot
046 Skeleton
049 Skeleton Warrior
050 Mongman
051 Earth Elemental
052 Terrasque -Good-
053 TYT/Abias NPC (White Wizard/White+Blue Wizard)
054 NPC
055 NPC
056 NPC
057 NPC
058 NPC
059 NPC
060 NPC
061 NPC
062 NPC
063 NPC
064 NPC
065 NPC
066 NPC
067 NPC
068 NPC
069 NPC
070 NPC
071 NPC
072 NPC
073 NPC
074 NPC
075 NPC
076 NPC
077 NPC
078 NPC
079 NPC
080 NPC
081 NPC
082 NPC
083 NPC
084 NPC
085 NPC
086 NPC
087 Devil Warrior
089 Small Kobold
092 Scaled Raptor
093 Warp Portal
094 Flag
095 Box
097 Green Mummy
099 Lycanthrope
100 Druid
101 Red Leocrot
102 Small Spider
103 Frost Troll
104 Psycho Troll
105 Elder Gazer
106 Raptor
107 Strong Kobold
108 Scorpion Whelp
109 Desert Lizardman
110 Evil Rider
111 Prismatic Entity
112 Sand Crawler
113 Desert Scorpion
114 Sand Valkirye
115 Wraith
116 War Beast -Good-
117 Xenomorph
118 Abias NPC (Jichun)
119 Abias NPC (Jinmoo)
120 Abias NPC (Hanwon)
121 Abias/TYT NPC (Momo/Sarah)
122 Abias Stash Woman
123 Abias Mats Woman (Aseol)
124 Warp Lady (Seorin)
125 Abias NPC (Pold)
126 NPC (not sure)
127 Devil's Guard/Great Devil's Guard (TYT and Dungeon Boss Monster)
128 Hartman (Abias Boss Monster) -Good-
129 Dungeon Stairs
130 Raro
131 Anachrota
132 GVW Gate Blocker (the poles that block gate of Guild Village at the start of a GVW)
133 Guild Village Rock (Holds the name and logo of the current guild owners of the Guild Village)
134 Stone Guard
135 Stone Guard
136 Door to Guild Village 'Room'
137 Entrance to the Valley of Death
138 Bric
139 Castle's King (sells POS pouches)
140 Castle NPC
141 Castle NPC
142 Castle NPC
143 Castle NPC / Castle Guard
144 Castle Monster (Warthog)
145 Castle Monster (Grizzly Bear)
146 Castle Monster (Baby Fragast)
147 Castle Monster (Pig with Drills for arms lol)
148 Castle Monster (Fragast)
149 Castle Monster (Owl Bear)
150 Don't Know lol - never seen one before
151 Bone Golum -Good-
152 Spiked Beast -Good-
153 Leiver Beast -Good-
154 Elite Lizardman
155 Drazil -Good-
156 NPC
157 NPC
158 NPC
159 NPC
160 NPC
161 Castle Guard -Good-
162 Gate to King's Hall
163 Castle gate to Crafting Room
164 Gate at Castle
165 Christmas Tree (small)
166 Christmas Tree (large)
167 Sad Elf

However, if you would like to become a monster, depending on your skin tone and gender, you can change the appropriate files.

000 White Man
001 Tanned Man
002 Black Man
003 White Woman
004 Tanned Woman
005 Black Woman

For example, to turn yourself into a Bric, if you were a White Male, you would change your Man00000 file with the Brics' Man13800 file, your Man00004 file with the Brics' Man13804 file, etc.

If you would like to run as a monster, simply change your Manxxx16 file with a monster's 04 file (they can only walk, but you just speed them up by replacing that file with your Manxxx16 file) For example

A Medium Skin toned Male to run as a Bric, would change Man00116 with the Brics' Man13804 file (Shockwave files only).

Other Info.
I still have some of my MGR research on it.

It's a bit scruffy, but meh.

The left integer shows the mgr file number and the next two columns of information indicate the spell type it's for, e.g. level 2 blue magic. The 'type' column is which part of the animation it is - there are four parts. There's the base animation that appears on the ground (you can notice this best with a spell like Sprit Sword - the pink dot on the floor). The second part is the most noticable part - casting. For level 2 blue magic that'd be that green stuff around the knees. The third part is the actual spell - the fireball in the fireball spell. The last part is the animation that appears on the entity that has been hit by the spell once the spell has met its target. These four animation types are referred to as, "base", "cast", "attack" and "victim". Please note that for some spells, attack and victim animations are interchangable - not all spells have an attack animation, not all have a victim animation, but I've tried to record my findings as best I can.

I hope the information below is ledgible. Image

Code: Select all
MGR Level Colour Type
092**2**blue - cast
084**3**blue - cast
085**4**blue - cast
089**2**black - cast
090**3**black - cast
091**4**black - cast
086**2**white - cast
087**3**white - cast
088**4**white - cast
001**0**unknown - looks like waterfall ?
002**1**white - cast
003**0**white - base
004**0**white - lightsword - victim
005**0**white - light arrow - victim
006**0**blue - heal - victim
007**1**black - cast
008**0**black - base
009**1**blue - cast
010**0**black - flamebolt - victim
011**0**black - spirtsword - victim
012**0**blue - water attack - victim
013**0**unknown - base - looks like spirits magic base but it's grey
014**0**black - poison - victim
015**0**blue - earth - victim
016**0**white - cure wounds - victim
017**0**blue - healing winds - victim
018**0**blue - spirit magic - base(top)
019**0**blue - spirit magic - base(bottom)
020**0**blue - fireball - victim
021**[empty] or unknown usage
022**[empty] or unknown usage
023**[empty] or unknown usage
024**[empty] or unknown usage
025**[empty] or unknown usage
026**[empty] or unknown usage
027**[empty] or unknown usage
028**[empty] or unknown usage
029**G-Bird feather
030**0**monster - unknown - attack
031**0**blue? - unknown to me(possibly frost wind) - attack
[032+049 do not exist]
051**0**unknown - unknown - victim
052**0**unknown - unknown - attack?
053**[empty] or unknown usage
055**0**blue - curewounds - victim
056**0**unknown - unknown - cast
057**0**white - slow - victim
058**0**blue - animation when you upgrade blue magic - cast
059**0**blue - reflect - victim
060**0**black - animation when you upgrade black magic - cast
061**0**black - blind - victim
062**0**black? - unknown - cast
063**0**blue**- weaken - victim
064**0**unknown - unknown - cast
065**0**white - giggle - base+victim(bottom)
066**0**white - giggle - base+victim(top)
067**0**black? - unknown - cast (looks cool)
068**0**black - confuse - victim
[069 does not exist]
070**[empty] or unknown usage
071**0**blue - fireball - attack
072**0**white - light arrow - attack
073**[empty] or unknown usage
074**0**black - spiritswords - attack
075**0**white - lightswords - attack
076**0**blue - flame arrow - attack
077**0**black - flamebolt - attack
078**0**blue? - frost wind? - attack/victim
079**0**black? - explosion? - attack
080**0**monster - valkirye(magic attack) - victim
081**0**monster - valkirye(same as above, but slower) - victim
[082 does not exist]
083**0**black? - explosion? - victim
[100~110 unknown usage]
111**0**unknown - unknown - attack
112**0**black - don't know - victim
113**0**black - dsoma(don't know) - attack
114**0**black - explosion? - victim
115**0**black? - unknown - not sure
116**0**black? - dsoma(maybe chain lightning) - victim
117**0**black - dsoma heal - victim
118**0**black? - dsoma(unknown?) - attack/victim
119**0**black? - dsoma? unknown - probably victim
120**0**unknown - unknown - attack or victim
[121~200 do not exist]
201**0**white - death globe - attack
202**0**white - death glove - victim
203**0**black? - dsoma? unknown - victim
204**0**blue - ice storm - attack
900**when you learn a skill
902**unknown - victim
903**Level up
[905~950 do not exist]
951**0**none - none (rock paper scissors: scissors vs paper) - none
952**0**none - none (rock paper scissors: scissors vs rock) - none
953**0**none - none (rock paper scissors: scissors vs scissors) - none
954**0**none - none (rock paper scissors: rock vs scissors) - none
955**0**none - none (rock paper scissors: rock vs paper) - none
956**0**none - none (rock paper scissors: rock vs rock) - none
957**0**none - none (rock paper scissors: paper vs rock) - none
958**0**none - none (rock paper scissors: paper vs scissors) - none
959**0**none - none (rock paper scissors: paper vs paper) - none
960**0**none - accept quest - none
961**0**none - finish quest - none
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Re: Finding the right .spl

Postby Miser » Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:36 pm

This's my guide. Posted it on some old guild forums like four years ago, lol, and someone found it and posted it on P-S.
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Re: Finding the right .spl

Postby Tiffany » Tue Feb 26, 2008 3:17 pm

Hehe, edited the post to show credit...
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Re: Finding the right .spl

Postby Miser » Tue Feb 26, 2008 3:35 pm

Thanks. :mrgreen:
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